Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance 2023

JAN 1  Free Public Talk: Happiness is a Choice w/Gen Samten
JAN 4-FEB 17 Heruka Close Retreat
JAN 6-12 Winter Retreat: Developing Renunciation w/Gen Rigpa
JAN 13-19 Winter Retreat: Compassion & Wisdom w/Gen Rigpa
JAN 20-26 Winter Retreat: Going for Refuge w/Gen Rigpa
JAN 27-FEB 2 Winter Retreat: Vajrasattva w/Gen Rigpa
FEB 3-9 Winter Retreat: Mandala Offerings w/Gen Samten
FEB 10-16 Winter Retreat: Guru Yoga w/Gen Samten
FEB 17-23 Winter Retreat: Tranquil Abiding w/Gen Samten
FEB 24-MAR 2 Winter Retreat: Superior Seeing w/Gen Samten
MAR 3-9 Winter Retreat: Vajrayogini Self-Generation w/Gen Samten
MAR 10-16 Winter Retreat: Complete Stage w/Gen Samten
MAR 18 Heruka Fire Puja
MAR 31-APR 2 Special Event with Gen Samten: The Magical Practice of Taking and Giving
APR 13-15 Nyungnay Purifying Ritual Practice
APR 28-30 Northeast Dharma Celebration w/Kadam Morten Clausen
MAY 5 Free Public Talk: Imagination is Everything w/Gen Samten
MAY 6 Meditation Workshop: Overcoming Anxiety
MAY 7 Mother’s Day Food for Thought
MAY 12-17 Emptiness and Impermanence Retreat w/Gen Samten
MAY 26-31 International Spring Festival @Manjushri KMC
JUN 2-4 Offering of Our Faith Retreat
JUN 9-11 Finding Peace Retreat: Blue Sky Mind w/Gen Samten
JUN 23-28 US National Festival @KMC New York
JUL 8 Summer Fun Fair
JUL 14-18 Beginner Silent Retreat: Finding Stillness Within
JUL 22 Free Public Talk: Becoming Mentally Strong w/Gen Samten
JUL 28-AUG 12 International Summer Festival @Manjushri KMC
AUG 18 Food for Thought
AUG 19 Meditation Workshop: How to Deeply Relax
AUG 25-27 Finding Peace Retreat: Finding Fearlessness w/Kadam Donna
SEP 1-4 KMC New York City Country Retreat
SEP 8-29 Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka Close Retreat
SEP 15-17 Finding Peace Retreat: Developing Concentration w/Gen Demo
SEP 22 Food for Thought
SEP 23 Meditation Workshop: Making Meditation a Habit
OCT 6-12 International Fall Festival @KMC Spain
OCT 13-15 Finding Peace Retreat: Letting Go of the Past w/Kadam Kyle
OCT 28 Special Halloween Death Panel w/Gen Samten
NOV 3 Food for Thought
NOV 4 Meditation Workshop: Opening the Heart
NOV 10-15 Five-Day Retreat: Training the Mind in Seven Points w/Gen Devi
NOV 23 Thanksgiving Feast and Public Talk: Be the Change w/Gen Samten
NOV 24 Public Talk: Contentment and Peace
NOV 25 Meditation Workshop: Overcoming Anger
DEC 1-3 Finding Peace Retreat: Healing Ourselves and Others w/Neil Toyota
DEC 8 Food for Thought
DEC 9 Meditation Workshop: Training in Adversities
DEC 26-31 Dorje Shugden Empowerment and Mind of All Yogas Retreat w/Gen Samten



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