Finding Peace Retreats


At the World Peace Temple

What are Finding Peace Weekend Retreats?

Spend a relaxing weekend meditation retreat in the peaceful environment of the Catskills. Whether you’re a beginner or simply want to enjoy retreat in ideal conditions, every aspect of these retreats are structured to help you refresh your mind through meditation.

Includes teachings and guided meditation. During the breaks enjoy meaningful conversation and the beauty and tranquility of the Temple grounds.

Blue Sky Mind

June 24-26, 2022 with Kadam Kyle Davis

Discover the inner clarity of your mind. You do not have to look outside yourself for purpose, meaning, and value. Simply by exploring the nature of your own mind, understanding its blissful, clear nature, and absorbing into meditation on this, you will find incredible happiness from within.

This experiential, beginner-friendly weekend is an excellent introduction to the practice of meditation in general and the famous and beloved meditations on the clarity of mind in particular. So much stress, anxiety, and frustration arises in life because of a disconnect between you and your own mind. The solution is to quiet the internal busy-ness of your mental activity and absorbing into the practice of meditation on the mind itself. Through this, you will gain the confidence that you can control uncomfortable emotions like these and take charge of your life.

Please note: If you are registered for livestream, the sessions are live only at the session time and not available for re-play/on demand.

Healing Through Meditation

August 26-28, 2022 with Kadam Kyle Davis

Heal yourself through meditation. We hold many wounds– from the past, broken relationships, failures, and disappointments that have occurred throughout life. These cannot be healed from the outside through ordinary medicine. Fortunately, Buddhist teachings are medicine for the mind–carefully crafted and presented to resolve the pain and hurt that we carry in your mind.

Additionally, these meditations function in a preventative way also. By instilling healthy mental habit patterns, meditative practices create inner protection that helps one stay strong and inwardly peaceful even in the face of difficulties and challenges of life.


Registration opens July 6th @2pm EST

Important Accommodations update: For dorm and shared accommodations, we are requiring a negative COVID test (either PCR within 72 hours of arrival or Rapid Antigen within 6 hours of arrival to KMC NY).  A COVID test is only required for dorm and shared accommodations; it is not required for single/private rooms at this time. Please note: by booking a spot in a dorm or shared room, you are choosing to stay in a room with someone you do not know.  For more information on accommodations, please visit our Accommodations page

Retreat Structure

Retreat Sessions

There are four sessions each day, each for approximately 75 minutes. The sessions combine practical instruction and guided meditation that will allow you to:

  • connect with an experience of true inner peace
  • develop basic techniques that can help you to create a consistent habit of meditation
  • leave with practical inner tools to apply what you have learned to your daily life


2pm-7:30pm  |  Check-in

7:30-9pm  |  Introduction

9-10:15am  |  Guided Meditation

11:30am-1pm | Teaching & Guided Meditation
4:30-6:00pm | Teaching & Guided Meditation
7:30-9pm | Teaching/Q&A

9-10am  |  Guided Meditation

11am-12:30pm  |  Final Session with Prayers for World Peace.


During the breaks

Between retreat sessions take time to relax and carry your experience of peace in the following ways:

  • enjoy the tranquility of our 82 acres of grounds
  • connect and discuss with like-minded people
  • nourish yourself with a refreshing drink and healthy snack in the World Peace Café
  • explore our bookstore and giftshop

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