Saturday Meditation Workshops

Saturdays from 10am-1pm

Cost: $20 per person

These meditation workshops are perfect to help you learn to meditate and gain practical experience with applying meditative thinking to all areas of your life.

Want to stay for the Weekend?

Enjoy a weekend away from the busyness of daily life. Start your getaway with a relaxing meditation and a meal Friday night in the Kadampa World Peace Temple and Café. In the Saturday morning workshop, learn how meditation can help us solve problems in daily life and be happier, followed by a free afternoon to explore the 82 acres of natural woodlands or the charm of the Catskills. Then on Sunday, set a peaceful tone for your return by coming to Prayers for World Peace.

Feel free to register and attend all three together or just attend one.

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March 30, 2024 - Creating a Meditation Habit
With KMC NY Teacher

It’s easy to start a new practice and then abandon it for something else. Creating a meditation habit that lasts is an art. Learn essential techniques for creating a joyful but disciplined meditation practice that will support and sustain you for a lifetime.

We will look at the essentials of how to meditate and how to create a consistent, joyful routine. There will be plenty of time for questions and a discussion of how we can refine our practice going forward.

Developing Confidence

May 11

with KMC NY Teacher

Confidence is key.

When we have confidence, we can overcome anything. The teachings from Buddhist psychology explain how to cultivate confidence in three things: our own potential, our practice of meditation and our ability to overcome our painful ways of thinking called “delusions”. Through cultivating these forms of self-confidence, we will oppose discouragement and low self-esteem. In addition, these encouraged attitudes will give us tremendous, joyful energy in our meditative life. This will allow us to have a healthy, vibrant meditation practice that can continue day after day, bringing incredible meaning to our life.

Purify Your Mind

September 8

with KMC NY Teacher

Your potential is pure and it is powerful. You just need to connect with it. Purification practice harnesses special meditative power to release the negativity that holds us back.

In this workshop, you will learn how to let go of past regrets and mistakes, break through areas of your mind that feel stuck or stagnant, and move on confidently with your life.

Everyone welcome!


Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never been to a meditation class/workshop before.

I've never been to a meditation workshop before. what should I expect?

Our meditation classes are very accessible. You do not need to bring any mats or wear any special clothing. We provide both cushions and chairs, and there is no physical exercise, yoga, or stretching involved.

What do I need to bring to the meditation workshop/class?

Nothing in particular, but some people like to take notes so you may wish to bring a notepad and pen.

What are some benefits of attending meditation classes?

Through sincerely training in meditation on the teachings given in these classes you will attain spiritual realizations, which lead you to permanent liberation from all the sufferings of this life and countless future lives. There is no greater meaning than this. Even temporarily, whenever you experience problems, unpleasant feelings, depression or unhappiness you can solve these problems immediately by transforming your mind into peace through your meditation practice. The benefits of meditation are immeasurable.

How should I dress?

Feel free to come however you are comfortable. We ask people to remove shoes and hats when you enter the meditation room.

If I’m a complete beginner, should I attend this workshop?

Yes, our meditation workshops are perfect for everyone. This course, in particular is a great way to begin a meditation practice – no previous experience is necessary.

Do I need to be Buddhist to attend?

No, our meditation workshops are presented in a way that is accessible to everyone, and no religious obligation is required.

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