Meditations on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment

Lamrim Meditation Class

Monday 12-1pm with Kadam Kyle

The Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, or “Lamrim” in Tibetan, is a sophisticated, practical presentation of Buddhist teachings, which is designed to help us improve and grow in a deliberate and joyful way. Over 1000 years ago the Buddhist sage Atisha consolidated the 84,000 teachings of Buddha into the Lamrim, which are 21 essential meditations, revolutionizing the practice of Buddha’s teachings. Since then, Lamrim has flourished throughout the world and it perfectly fits within our modern lifestyle. It is simple, scientific, and incredibly potent.

The Lamrim takes us step-by-step through carefully crafted meditations so we can purposefully nourish the qualities in our mind that lead to our happiness and reduce our painful thoughts and feelings. For example, some of the meditations help us enhance our self-confidence, empathy, or contentment. Others aid us in overcoming distractions, anger, or depression. Overall, by practicing these 21 meditations in conjunction with one another we will notice our mind becoming healthier, stronger, and finally more enlightened.

In this class, we will go one-by-one through the Lamrim, drawing out how we can personally use these meditations and create our own meditation practice. There will be a special emphasis on the art of meditation and how to really make our meditations effective.

$7 per class (Free for Members) |  Drop-ins are welcome

Class dates:

March 27 Meditations for Confidence
April 3 Finding a Direction in Life
April 10 How to Let Go of Attachment
April 24
Accepting and Embracing Impermanence
May 1
A Buddhist Perspective on Death and Dying
May 8
Understanding Our Mind
May 15
What Happens When we Die
May 22
Protecting the Mind throgh Refuge
June 5
Who is Buddha?
June 12
Making Sense of Your Life
June 19
Taking Responsibility and Making Change
June 26 NO CLASS
July 3 Overcoming Unrealistic Expectations
July 10 Free Your Mind!
July 17 Habits for Happiness
July 24 Reinventing Yourself
July 31 NO CLASS
August 7 NO CLASS
August 14 Finding Balance
August 21 Meditations on Loving-Kindness
August 28 Gratitude and Interconnection
September 4 Having Healthy Relationships
September 11 Living Lightly
September 18 Reducing Worry and Anxiety
September 25 Finding Happiness from Love
October 2 The Joy of Profound Empathy
October 9 How to Deeply Relax
October 16 Turn Bad Into Good
October 23 Trasforming Pain in Meditation
October 30 Giving Love through Meditation
November 6 Using Imagination for Inner Change
November 13 How to Live Compassionately
November 20 NO CLASS
November 27 Developing a Wise Heart
December 4 Becoming a Friend of the World
December 11 Evolving Our Meditation Practice
Kadam Kyle Davis

Kadam Kyle Davis

Second Resident Teacher of KMC New York

Over the past seven years, Kadam Kyle has taught at the NKT centers in Boston, MA, New Bedford, MA and Providence, RI. He was recently appointed as the Second Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Center New York.

Kadam Kyle has engaged in in-depth study at both the Temple in New York and on the Special Teacher Training Program at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre. His joyful and sincere example in daily life, and his clear and practical approach in teachings, have inspired many people in their spiritual life.

What to expect

Guided Meditation
Be guided in a short breathing meditation and connect to an experience of inner peace. No prior experience is necessary.
Short Talk
Every week the teachings explore one aspect of Dharma, or Buddha’s teachings, which focus on solutions to problems in daily life, inducing genuine optimism and increased happiness.

Concluding Meditation
To finish the class, we will engage in another meditation based on the teaching that was given.

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