Wednesday Evening Meditation

Using the Power of your Mind in Uncertain Times

Wednesdays · 7-8:30pm with Gen Samten Kelsang

In a world often filled with uncertainty, our true source of strength lies within. Join our practical meditation series and embark on a transformative journey to unlock the profound reservoir of inner happiness and peace.

Embark on a transformative odyssey inspired by the profound teachings within Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s timeless masterpiece, “How to Understand the Mind.” In this meditation series, we’ll immerse ourselves in the wisdom of these words, unlocking the secrets to cultivating inner happiness and unwavering peace.

Dive deep into the art of meditation and mindfulness, gaining tools to navigate life’s challenges with resilience. Experience the magic of inner calm as your constant companion—a wellspring of unwavering strength you can always rely on. With each session, you’ll find inspiration, encouragement, and the path to a brighter, more centered you.

Join us on this enlightening quest and discover that your true power is not outside but within—ready to illuminate your life with enduring happiness and boundless peace.

October 4 – Going for Refuge – How to Create a Stronghold of Peace Within
October 11 –  Faith – getting in touch with our inner power to transform
October 18 – Finding Strength – cultivating self-respect, integrity, and consideration for others
October 25 – Free your life from dissatisfaction and uncontrolled desire
November 1 – Stand up to anger
November 8 – Wisdom – cultivate your inner Spiritual Guide
November 29 – Joyful Effort – bring playfulness into spiritual practice 
December 6 – Becoming Invulnerable
December 13 – Thoughts that Heal, Thoughts that Harm


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$10 per person – Drop-ins welcome

Dinner 6-6:45 pm – $7 Drop-in

Gen Samten

Gen Samten

Resident Teacher KMC NY

Gen Samten Kelsang is an ordained Buddhist monk and is the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Center New York. He has been studying and practicing Buddhism for over thirty years and is one of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s most senior students.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never been to a meditation class/workshop before.

I've never been to a meditation class before what should I expect?

Our meditation classes are very accessible. You do not need to bring any mats or wear any special clothing. We provide both cushions and chairs, and there is no physical exercise, yoga, or stretching involved.

How should I dress?

Feel free to come however you are comfortable. We ask people to remove shoes and hats when you enter the meditation room.

Do I need to bring anything?

Nothing in particular, but some people like to take notes so you may wish to bring a notepad and pen.

If I’m a complete beginner, should I attend this class?

Yes, our meditation workshops are perfect for everyone. This course, in particular is a great way to begin a meditation practice – no previous experience is necessary.

Do I need to be Buddhist to attend?

No, our meditation workshops are presented in a way that is accessible to everyone, and no religious obligation is required.

What are some benefits of attending meditation classes?

Through sincerely training in meditation on the teachings given in these classes you will attain spiritual realizations, which lead you to permanent liberation from all the sufferings of this life and countless future lives. There is no greater meaning than this. Even temporarily, whenever you experience problems, unpleasant feelings, depression or unhappiness you can solve these problems immediately by transforming your mind into peace through your meditation practice. The benefits of meditation are immeasurable.

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