Close Retreats & Fire Pujas

March 24-25, 2022 with Gen Samten

This Fire Puja held at KMC KMC New York is for those who have successfully completed a Vajrayogini close retreat. To complete this retreat it is necessary to perform a burning offering, or fire puja, of fulfilling the commitment of close retreat. This practice purifies any mistakes we may have made during our retreat. In Ornament of Vajra Essence Tantra it says, “All faults of excess and omission in Secret Mantra are redressed by a burning offering.”

If practically possible, we request all those participating in this Fire Puja to arrive on Thursday, March 24th, or Friday, March 25th by lunchtime in order to help with the Fire Puja preparations. It is customary for those who are concluding their retreat to be involved in the preparations.

Fire Puja Cost: $37 (accommodations and meals separate)


Fire Puja Schedule

Zoom meeting with Gen Samten has changed to Friday, 5-6pm
Friday, March 25th
9-11:30am: Preparations for Fire Puja
2-5pm: Preparations for Fire Puja
5-6pm: Fire Puja Meeting w/Gen Samten
7:30-9:15pm: Offering to the Spiritual Guide
Saturday, March 26th
10:30-12pm: *Quick Path part 1*
12-1pm: setting up fire puja site
1-2pm: Lunch
2-5pm: *Fire Puja*
5-6pm: Clean up
6-6:45: Dinner
6:30-8pm: *Quick Path w/tsog part 2*

Fire Pujas

More information coming soon
*Please note, you must have completed a Close Retreat to attend.

If you participate in either counting retreat, you must complete the retreat by attending the Fire Puja.

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