Close Retreat & Fire Puja

Drawing Closer to Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka

Special Close Retreat – collecting 100,000 Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka Mantras

September 8-29, 2023

Gen Samten will guide this special close retreat following the oral instructions transmitted by Gen-la Dekyong at the International NKT Spring Festival 2022 in Málaga. We will draw closer and closer to our Root Guru, and create very powerful actions that will cause Kadam Dharma to flourish in our hearts and throughout the world. There is no better offering to repay our Guru’s kindness.

This retreat will be located in our second meditation room located in the Main Building. Space is very limited.

Vajrayogini Close Retreat

January 4 – February 6, 2024

An opportunity to engage in qualified close retreat with guidance and support in a blessed and peaceful environment.

In order to complete the Vajrayogini Counting Retreat commitments it is necessary to engage in a Vajrayogini Fire Puja, more information about KMC New York’s Fire Puja coming soon.



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