Beginner Silent Retreats

Finding Stillness Within

July 14 – 18 


Discover an oasis of peace. When the turbulence of mental busyness subsides and your mind becomes still, a deep sense of happiness and contentment naturally arises from within. When we see this through our own experience, we become confident, strong, and truly feel alive. A silent retreat is an unequaled opportunity to become aware of the peaceful nature of your mind. Through utilizing silence, clear and accessible instructions on how to meditate, and the support of meditating in a group in a meditation center, your practice will deepen tremendously. In this experiential retreat, you will:

-learn how to engage in profound and transformative meditation.

-receive essential techniques for effective and joyful meditation

-have ample opportunity to enjoy the deep stillness of a retreat amidst your busy life

-get instructions on how to weave this experience into your life going forward

Silence will be observed from Saturday lunch to Tuesday end of retreat.

Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary.


Cost: $105 for full retreat
Accommodation: varies
Meals: $7 each lunch/supper

There are three parts to registration – course fee, accommodations and meals.

Please see accommodations and food and dining pages for more information.


Friday, July 14
7:30-9:00pm: Introduction

Saturday, July 15
9:00-10:15am: Session 1
11:30am-12:45pm: Session 2
Silence begins
4:30-5:45pm: Session 3
7:30-9:00pm: Session 4 (Q&A)

Sunday, July 16
9:00-10:15am: Session 5
11:00am-12:45pm: Session 6 w/PWP
4:30-5:45pm: Session 7
7:30-9:00pm: Session 8

Monday, July 17
9:00-10:15am: Session 9
11:00am-12:45pm: Session 10
4:30-5:45pm: Session 11
7:30-9:00pm: Session 12

Tuesday, July 18
9:00-10:15am: Session 13
11:00am-12:45pm: Session 14
Silence ends

About Silence

Silence is not just about not talking, it is about developing an inner quality of stillness.

In silence, we engage with the meditation object in a more intimate way. We stop ‘chatting’ about the Dharma from our mouth and start listening to the Dharma from deep within our heart which gives us a special inner experience of the teachings we receive. Penetrating insights arise and since we are able to hold onto them with firm mindfulness we find Dharma experience pervades and nourishes our heart at a very deep level.

During the Breaks

Between retreat sessions take time to relax and carry your experience of peace in the following ways:

  • enjoy the tranquility of our 82 acres of grounds
  • connect and discuss with like-minded people
  • nourish yourself with a refreshing drink and healthy snack in the World Peace Café
  • explore our bookstore and giftshop

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