30-Day Meditation Challenge

with Kadam Kyle Davis

Challenge Registration Open through June 8th

After spending over a year where many have been closed-off and isolated, it’s vital that we don’t let our hearts become closed from others. Open up your heart with meditations on loving-kindness and compassion. This program has been carefully crafted to support you in forming a lasting, vibrant meditative life. It will lead you step-by-step in how to meditate, how to refine your skills as a meditator, and how to apply meditation to your life so you can be a truly modern meditation practitioner. Finally, you will get encouragement and support on how to transition from this month of meditation into life going forward, so you can enjoy the benefits of meditation far into the future. Each day, you will be provided with:

-A 30-minute video that contains essential instruction on the meditation or aspect of meditation for the day, along with space to engage in a guided meditation.
-A passage from Buddhist texts relevant to the focus for the day to support contemplation and reflection throughout the day.
-A write-up about the topic illuminating additional aspects of that meditation and how to connect to it more deeply.
-An essential meditation tip or technique to keep your meditations more joyful and effective.

This is a new meditation challenge; if you completed our challenge in January, this is an entirely new one!

Price: $50 ($25 for basic & for standard members; free for plus members)

Register through June 8th and start at 5am the next day so you do not miss a thing!

Kadam Kyle Davis

Kadam Kyle Davis

Second Resident Teacher of KMC New York

Over the past seven years, Kadam Kyle has taught at the NKT centers in Boston, MA, New Bedford, MA and Providence, RI. He was recently appointed as the Second Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Center New York.

Kadam Kyle has engaged in in-depth study at both the Temple in New York and on the Special Teacher Training Program at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre. His joyful and sincere example in daily life, and his clear and practical approach in teachings, have inspired many people in their spiritual life.

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