Making Our Meditation Powerful

Vajrapani Empowerment & Teachings on Transforming Basic Meditation Experience into Realization with Gen Samten Kelsang

December 26-31, 2021

with Gen Samten Kelsang


This retreat will be available to watch on-demand through January 7th at midnight

Experience the radical, positive change that comes from meditation. Beginning our meditative life changes us for the better. Eventually, we want to discover how to move from a basic, meditation experience into realizations of meditation. A realization is a deeper, more profound understanding that truly shift the way we live, think, and treat other people. This will help us tremendously and also help others.

This course is an unprecedented opportunity to learn the practical techniques for making meditations powerful. Gen Samten has been practicing and teaching meditation for many decades and has spent countless hours in meditation retreat. He will be transmitting essential wisdom on this topic and lead us on this experiential journey.

This process will be aided by receiving the blessing empowerment of Buddha Vajrapani. Vajrapani is the embodiment of all the spiritual power of all enlightened beings. He has the function of removing our inner as well as outer obstacles and negativities. Often we run into challenges that impede or delay our spiritual development. Vajrapani is like a strong friend and ally who will help us gain the confidence to transcend these obstacles. 


Retreat Cost
Full Retreat: $140
Sunday: $10
Monday (empowerment day): $60
Tuesday-Thursday: $20 per day
Friday: $10

Accommodation: varies (sold separately)
Meals: $5 each lunch/supper

There are three parts to registration – course fee, accommodations and meals.

Please see accommodations and food and dining pages for more information.


Registration Opens October 20th @12pm

Our COVID-19 Guidelines

Updated September 10, 2021: 
The CDC has designated Sullivan County, NY as a “substantial transmission” area in the US. Based on this, the CDC recommends and Sullivan County is asking that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people wear masks indoors:
* We are asking all residents and guests to wear masks (covering both nose and mouth fully) in all common areas of the houses and center buildings. 
* When entering the Temple, World Peace Cafe, and Shop, everyone should wear a mask. In the cafe, please just take off your mask to eat or drink. In the meditation, please wear your mask covering nose and mouth fully throughout the session. 
* Please refrain from chanting prayers out loud.
* Volunteers who are serving food in the dining room or helping in the cafe and shop should wear masks.
* In the dining room, please wear your mask until you are seated and eating.
* As much as possible, please try to eat outside weather-permitting–both in the dining room and the cafe. 
* In the interest of the safety of everyone who attends, as an organization we strongly request that unvaccinated individuals don’t stay in dorm or shared accommodations because face coverings cannot be worn and proper social distancing cannot be maintained in these spaces, but instead book private/single rooms, camping or offsite accommodations.
* We ask that everyone booked in the Dorms and Shared Room accommodations provide a Proof of Negative COVID-19 test before arrival, regardless of vaccination status, since face coverings cannot be worn and proper social distancing cannot be maintained in these spaces.  
This means you should plan to receive either: (1) a negative test result from a PCR COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours before your arrival to KMC New York OR (2)a negative test result from a COVID-19 Antigen test (a rapid test) taken within six hours of your arrival to KMC New York.  This includes the at-home test kits.
* We will update you if any of our policies change, but please know we might have to change guidelines at any time based on CDC, state and/or local guidelines.

Gen Samten Kelsang

Gen Samten Kelsang

Gen Samten Kelsang is an ordained Buddhist monk and is the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Center New York. He has been studying and practicing Buddhism for over thirty years and is one of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s most senior students.

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